Save the Children Dolj is a non-governmental, democratic, independent, non-profit, non-political and non-religious romanian organization. The mission of the organization is to promote and defend children’s rights. Save the Children – Dolj was set up in 1990 and is registered under the law. It is a branch of save the children organization – romania which is a member of the International Save the children alliance and of other nine international forums and organizations. Save the Children Dolj has 250 members, 7 employees, 50 volunteers and collaborates with various experts: teachers, councilors, psychologists, doctors, lawyers, policemen etc.

The areas of expertise of the Save the Children Dolj organization are: children’s protection against discrimination, exploitation, violence or other forms of abuse; development of programmes which aim to ensure all the conditions necessary for every child to be respected and appreciated; activities of research, monitoring and informing about child’s rights; assistance for children in difficulty: refugee children, abused or neglected children, abandoned children, children with disabilities, drug addicted children and children with hiv/aids. Being an organization which offers public services, save the children works in close relation with the direction of children protection of the regional council. It also has a extended partnership with many schools, the regional center of psychological assistance and many non-governmental organizations interested in supporting children. Save the children dolj was involved in international programmes and other at the national level. The experience it has in dealing with children, and the contacts with local authorities and with professional will contribute in providing knowledge and feedback on the application of our approach.
Since 1992, in cooperation with an organization from Norway and Sweden, Save the Children Dolj branch developed a project to help children who live in disadvantaged areas and children with special needs. The Organization has created “The Freckled” – a centre of recovery for children with dificulties in learning. There, under the close supervision of teachers and specialists, children are helped to overcome their drawback comparing to their colleagues caused by their disability. Another centre managed by Save the Children is an After School Centre for children are taken care by their grandparents and relatives because their parents have left to work abroad.