Old project

Old project


2010 – 2012

Be supportive

1. Romanian Society for Lifelong Learning – SREP – Romania
2. Polibienestar ERI University of Valencia, Spain
3. Foundation “Nobody’s Children”, Poland
4. Centre against abuse Dardedze- Latvia
5. Municipality of Sassuolo, Italy
6. “Save the Children”, Romania – Dolj
7. “Department of Education Child”, Municipality of Amal, Sweden

Look at yourself – parents towars situations causing aggression

The main aim of this project is parents education in scale of the aggression prevention. The effect of activities -Educational Workshop for parents- the collection ways of coping with own aggression/anger.

In frame of the established aims of the project ” Look at yourself- parents toward situations causing aggression” partners are going to :
? Involve to cooperate groups consist of parents in all countries.
? Create the pilot group of parents with attention to involve parents from groups that need special support in each;
? Do an informative action for parents that will be titled ” Which your behaviors in relations with children can be evaluated as aggressive ones?”
? Compile scripts for Educational Workshop for parents- the set of the best practical activities/ways of coping with own aggression/anger
? Do Educational Workshop for parents in each country
? Carry help for parents by publishing the best methods of coping with situations that cause aggression and anger.

ANPCDEF program is financed by and conducted in 2008-2010, and within it, activities of research and gathering information were carried out on family violence and the way parents understand aggression and legal provisions and penalties on parents who aggress their children. This research involved schools were No. 31 T. Aman, no. 35 I. D. Sarbu, no. 39 N. Balcescu, no. 18 St. Dumitru, no. Decebal 12, LTH Coanda, NC Carol I.
Partners are: Educational Centre Taurus-Poland, UMAD, Concello de Santiago de Compostela-Spain Societa Cooperativa Sociale Spazio Giovani onlus-Italy

Sigur.info – Internet Safety

The project focuses on the importance that the Internet has on everyone’s life and we want with the aid of such a campaign to present a safe browsing resource, to you and especially to your child provided on the site www.sigur.info.

Save the Children Romania strongly supports child participation activities in all areas of concern for children.

The main sponsors of the one-week event will be Kaspersky Lab Romania, who have also supported the National Summer School in 2009, and have proved to be a trusty ally in our work for a Safer Internet. Support will be also given by Microsoft Romania, and INSAFE.


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