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The scope of this project is to provide psychologists, teachers and special educators with helpful methodology and tools for their daily work with children aged 6-12 years with SEN, namely with Autism/autistic spectrum disorder (ASD) or Specific Learning Difficulties (SpLD) in assessing the children’s capabilities, setting the targets of therapy or support and evaluating the results achieved by creating a tool in the form of a questionnaire and a card for following the achievements.

The main objectives of the project are:

1. To develop an innovative methodology for the adult specialist schools, centers and private practices working in addressing the common issue of SEN for children aged 6-12 across Europe.

2. To design practical e-tools for assessing the opportunities, needs and following daily therapeutic work with children with ASD and SpLD to be implemented and tested for 2 years in the 5 partner countries.

3. to  develop the competences of groups of  psychologists and educators working with special needs children in selecting an appropriate pedagogical approach in working with children during the project implementation through 5 workshops organised in each of the partner countries.

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Training activities Ruse Nov 2017

International Conference Craiova 23.02.2019