“Equal opportunities to social inclusion for autistic children”

Project site: http://e4p.eosiac.odl.org/
Grundtvig Partnership Project 2013-2015
GRU – 13 – C-LP-150-DJ-RO


This project aims to achieve integration in public education to a larger number of children with autism aged 5-10 years, integration to be achieved by training parents and teachers / special education instructors/professionals that work in public school. (psychologists), and by performing integration methodologies and good practice guides to support and represent the starting point in achieving integration.

The project will conduct surveys on the number of autistic children existing in the partner countries, the legislation in force on the field, but also on how its integration of these children in public schools while in each of the partner countries .

The project aims to train parents and teachers in working with autistic children by developing best practice guides and through the exchange of experiences between expert’s partner countries. Experts will provide input to training parents and teachers. This parents and teachers trained representing a resource to other parents and teachers in training.

Autistic children have equal rights to education, health care, access to society. The principle of non-discrimination and equal opportunities should be respected as fundamental human rights. Civil society must support the rights of autistic children but also their parents who need to be informed and need social work and rehabilitation for their children.

It also aims at sensitizing the local community and policy makers on the issue of children with autism as well as promoting inclusion models and good practice for the integration of other autistic children in public schools.

Information, communication and exchange of best practices between parents, teachers and experts can help overcome these problems of social perception in autism and can facilitate social integration.

General objectives:

– Supporting parents of children with autism in their integration in public education,parental counseling, support groups
– Providing expert advice, organizing training, best practice models for teachers / teachers in school units which are to be carried inclusion process
– Hiring parents as therapists in the rehabilitation and integration of children with autism in public education
– Type activities support organization for parents: workshops, support groups, parental counseling
– Studying the phenomenon of autism size at each participating country
– Studying law in the field of disability and autism in the partners countries
– Exchange of best practices between specialists from various fields involved in recovery of autistic children.


Brochure about autism
Teachers guide to autism
Parents guide to autism
Methodological guide for education inclusion of children with autism

In this project will develop:

– a methodology for integration of children with autism in public education.
– Guides to good practice for parents and teachers
– best practice guidelines for parents and teachers.
– guide for running workshops.
– sites in the national language of each partner organization.

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